Simple Guide on Car Roof Pods

When springtime comes, every year and you’re one of the adventurous souls ready to pack and get your gears rolling then you’re very familiar with sufferings and griefs of packing gears.

It’s the same thing for a family who wishes to go on a holiday, and a mountain of things should fit in the bag and car, one problem though, how would it all fit?

Well, my friend, the solution would be a roof pod or roof basket sometimes called cargo or luggage box. It’s a handy carrier for people who love to travel on land or outback.

Things to Consider When Buying Roof Pods

  1. It should suit your need. Do you always go with a lot of heavy stuff or lighter ones? How big should the pod be, this depends on how many people will be coming most of the time. If you have kids, their favourite toys should fit right in. Barbecue grills, heater for coffee, and even skateboards can fit in. Most roof pods can adapt to cars, but if you have a wide vehicle, don’t choose a narrow pod. It would be harder to reach.
  2. Choose a roof pod to pack lighter things. Heavier bulky items should be on the trunk of your car to prevent damage on the roof and counterbalance purposes.
  3. Install a roof pod that opens on both sides. Have the servicemen choose one that can be more flexible for your needs. Most roof pods are easy to manage. Just bear in mind that the pod should be set up by professionals to avoid untoward incidents.
  4. Stick to the maximum speed indicated on your roof pods’ manual. Increase drag occurs when you have an extra item that blocks air. The pressure can damage your pod and car. Decrease speed when it’s windy outside, turning into a sharp curve, or entering tunnels.
  5. Secondary things that you should consider are the materials durability, price, opening and locking system, and time-saving features.

Importance of Having Roof Pods

  • Additional space- having a roof pod is like having another trunk in your roof area. It’s always an advantage especially to those who travel in groups like families, friends and co-workers. You can load lots of items like clothes, sports gears, fishing equipment, tents and toys.
  • Safety and comfort for everyone- You don’t have to let someone hold things on their lap while travelling for six hours. It can even decrease your rear visibility if things are too high up on the back of your car. A roof pod will free up space, and increase safety and comfort for everyone.
  • Cost-efficient- rather than buying a new bigger vehicle or renting a bigger car every time you’re going on holidays, purchasing a roof pod would be more efficient. Not only on vacation, but you can also use roof pods for business. If you are in need to bring employees somewhere for a conference, it’s great storage for clothes.

If you need to know more about roof pods, you can do research online or call a shop and inquire about it.

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